About Bike Ken

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Meet Bike Ken

Hi, I’m Bike Ken.

From a family business on bikes started since 1990, I get to know bikes and parts in various occasions where my father introduced them to his customers. After joined this business, I felt the happiness of designing and making cool bikes and spreading them to the kids around the world.

Based on the top priority of safety, we can make some innovations on some parts step by step to improve them now. 

It’s fun, and meaningful.

Join me!

See My Factory

To control quality and delivery time, my factory was set up at 2010. 

Welding, painting, sticker, assembly are in this factory.

photo of my factory as a whole
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Factory Overlook

40000 square meters in total.

Separated to office building area and workshops area.

Welding Workshop

Three welding lines.

More than 80 kinds of frame and fork molds.

TIG welding only.

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Painting Workshop

3 painting lines.

4 times painting.

Sticker done on the line.

Sticker Workshop

Design and print stickers by ourselves.

Inner sticker and out sticker both available.

Repeating designs no need mold charge.

we design and print stickers ourselves
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Wheel Group

Wheel sets assembly.

Including spokes, hubs and rims assembly,  tires and tubes and rim tapes assembly, and wheels adjustments.

Assembly Line

3 automatic assembly lines.

Mainly 85% SKD, 45% SKD and CKD. Each worker holds only one fixed position to be mature and professional.

Assembly Line
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warehouse s
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Warehouse for finished bikes and spare parts managed independently.

All finished bikes  and most ready to ship parts are on pallets.

Cooperation Directions

You can check my product models and select your favorite ones, or send me your models directly.

Specifications and samples are available.

All procedures will be updated to you.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@bikeken.com”.